Safe fine art shipping and storage – the Art-Guard system.

Art-Guard is an inexpensive, reusable fine art packaging system for shipping, storing and protecting your precious artwork. Art-Guard is ideal for art dealers, art galleries, museums, auction houses and art collectors.

Protect Your Fine Art

fine art fragile - handle with care with Art-Guard

Impact and shock resistant
Protects artwork from moisture damage
while in storage or during shipping
(Vacuum optional for old or fragile paintings)

Fast & Easy Art Shipping

how to ship fine art safely and inexpensively
Save time and effort when packing & unpacking artwork.

Save Money, Time & Resources

ship your fine art safely, easily and inexpensively - Art-Guard
Reuse Art-Guard again & again. Save money, save shopping time, save the environment!

Ship your fine art safely with Art-Guard!

  • Protects your precious artwork during transfers, shipping and storage.
  • Better and more effective protection than art shipping boxes or other fine art packaging.
  • Inexpensive and reusable – better for you, your clients, the environment.

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